HP technical support if the Wi-Fi is not working on your HP Computer

HP technical support if the Wi-Fi is not working on your HP Computer

There are many causes for the Wi-Fi to not work on your HP devices and it can be a software problem or the hardware problem. Due to these unknown problems you are not able to connect the Wi-Fi in your system which really hampers work a lot. Some it so happens that the internet connects but slowly and gradually the internet losses the connectivity and you are left to your own fate which really annoys you a lot. It can be due to anything and there is not any particular reason or cause behind this issue. But if you want to take help and want that this problem gets sorted without any hassle then you should take HP customer support from the experts who will guide you and will troubleshoot the issue without getting into technical error with minimum hassle. If you want to manually handle this problem then you can follow the steps which are provided below by our most experienced experts.

Symptoms of this issue

  • Poor internet connectivity.
  • The connection of the Wi-Fi will suddenly drop.
  • You will not be able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Steps to troubleshoot the issue

  • To detect any problem with the software you should use “Network and Internet Troubleshooter” which is inbuilt in your HP computer and it will detect the problem will try to troubleshoot it.
  • It will automatically repair any issue which will be found you just have to enable it in your device if you are having problems in the wireless network.
  • To go to the “Task Bar” and right-click on the icon of the wireless connection which is like the signal showing.
  • After right-clicking on it, select “Troubleshoot Problems”.
  • The moment you select the option the windows network diagnostic wizard will be opened and the troubleshooting will begin automatically and the wizard will repair any bug which is trying to cause the issue on your computer.
  • After the troubleshooter stops scanning and repairing problems you will be given the exact information about the bug and the problems that have been fixed to restore the smooth working of the system.
  • After reading the on-screen suggestions, if prompt or wizard recommends you any particular step to follow (it depends on the bug, it might be possible that you do not get any father instructions) then follow the instructions and then retry to connect your device with the W-Fi.
  • If you are not able to enable the “Network and Internet Troubleshooter” in your system and you require help for that then contact our experts through HP support number.

Call to experts via HP help customer support number toll-free to get the best guidance

If you are still not able to connect to the Wi-Fi and still facing this issue even after following the steps then call us at HP customer support number tollfree.